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Planning submitted for 2 new dwellings in Hampshire

Working with our client and Atlas Planning, we have now submitted a planning application for 2 new dwellings in Hampshire. The proposal includes the removal of a low quality detached dwelling and ancillary barn in a conservation area.

The existing, predominantly single storey, dwelling will be demolished and the replacement will be sited further East on the site to provide more space around the large existing trees which are subject to Tree Preservation Orders. The replacement dwelling is split into 3 forms to reduce the massing on site and provides 5 bedrooms with an open plan living element to the south that can be opened up or closed down into separate spaces as required.

An additional dwelling is proposed to the north west side of the site, nestled between existing trees. The concept for this building was to create a ‘modern’ barn to replace the structure that is removed. The building will therefore be clad predominantly in black metal cladding. The proposal is one volume with a simple barn roof and provides 4 bedrooms at first floor level with large glazing to the North looking across the countryside. On the south side there are no first floor windows which avoids overlooking of neighbouring dwellings. At ground floor level a projection is provided from the structure which provides an entrance hall at one end and a softer transition between the open plan living spaces and the garden, which also assists with privacy and overheating.


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