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Planning successful for the creation of solar car ports at Paultons Park

In January we were successful in obtaining planning permission for the creation of solar car port structures (with associated Battery Energy Storage Systems) over the existing tarmac staff and disabled parking area at Paultons Park.
The park (located within the New Forest National Park Authority) is a high user of electricity, some 2,831,311 kWh being consumed annually. 
The proposal makes a very efficient use of land, for the dual purposes of parking provision and energy production for the Park. In total the solar car ports would comprise 1134 PV modules. The expected annual electricity generation from the carports would be 455MWh, which would result in total annual carbon savings of 65 Tonnes CO2e/year (emissions calculated on electricity generated, therefore including both consumed and exported electricity, and assumes embodied carbon factor of 0.143 kgCO2e/kWh from grid).


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